Frequently asked questions

What are the financing options?

We approve up to 80% of applicants - whether you have poor credit from bankruptcy, no credit or bad credit scores, like so many others. It's simple, and applying online is lightning fast! Just apply online and once you're approved we'll direct you to our shop. 1. Apply • 2. Approve • 3. Shop

What is the warranty on custom jewelry?

I guarentee my work for one year against any workmanship failures. This does not include resizing. During 1 year warrantly bring in custom piece semi-annually so the item can be inspected for security of the gems, claps, ear nuts and the overall wear condition of the piece. Small accent diamonds are replaced free in first year of warranty. You are responsible to keep the paperwork showing the inspection was completed. Normal wear and abusive wear are not covered. Defects in craftsmanship or materials are what the warranty does cover. Repairs done by someone other than where you bought the item void the warranty.

What if I want to make changes to the piece?

Changes can be made throughout the process, that why working with a CAD is so helpful. We can tailor the design until we’re happy with the overall picture and then start the metal work.

Can alternative gemstones be used in my custom design?

There’s nothing that says you have to only use precious stones like diamonds or rubies in your design. Plenty of semi-precious stones, such as amethysts and peridots, can and have been worked into pieces in the past. Even stones like rose quartz or turquoise can be worked in. What matters is what they mean to you.

Can alternative metals be used in my custom design?

Gold is easy to work with, but there’s no reason to limit yourself strictly to gold. Precious metals such as platinum are perfectly viable materials, and alloys such as rose gold or white gold can be very distinctive visually. Even two-tone and mixed metal pieces are perfectly fine to ask for and represent a fresh challenge for our goldsmiths.

Is my design truly unique? Do ever reuse designs?

The designs we make for your piece are one of a kind. You won’t be getting a design that belonged to somebody else previously.

What if I want matching wedding bands inspired by our favorite book, movie, or video game?

Copyright and trademark laws prohibit us from using specific symbols and designs in our custom jewelry. That being said, if there is some particular piece of media or popular culture that helped bring you and your future spouse together, we can certainly take inspiration from that without duplicating something already existing.